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Welcome to our guild. We try to help each other and work as a team. If you have any questions about the game, we will happy to help, just ask in the Chat.

Important note 1: guild activity requirements.[]

Players who have been inactive for 4 days or more will be automatically kicked out of the guild (the setting may change). Players who have temporarily stopped playing but are going to come back, can tell the Guild Master when they plan to return to the game, in such cases the Master can temporarily change the settings. If you are suddenly kicked out of the guild because you were inactive, you can always rejoin the guild, we will be happy to see you again.

Important note 2: adventure teamwork[]

Some players hinder other players completing adventures. Such a player would enter the adventure and disappear for several days without finishing their part, while the others have to either wait for them, losing the opportunity to do daily tasks for chests, or leave the adventure without finishing it completely.

Sometimes such a player would go through the adventure at random, not realizing that the three players, who gathered in the adventure, have a common goal, and the result depends on their coordinated actions according to a common plan. If a player interferes with others and does not respond to private messages, this is the most annoying, because it is not clear if they will improve in the future.

In such cases, we will dismiss them from the guild. We will not ban them though, so they will be able to join the guild again if they figure out how to play properly.

Everyday gifts[]

Check the following resources to get some gifts every day:

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